This website is not intended to be comprehensive, but to give an outline view of what is possible together with some background information on ocular physiology and optics. 

Common Eye Diseases:

Listed here are some of the more common problems we treat as opthalmologist.

Problems Including:

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Allergies - Red Eyes
Inflammatory Eye Disease - Red Eye



Optic nerve damage that can lead to blindness, usually as a result of high pressure within the eye.

Strabismus (squint conditions)


Abnormal eye movement or alignment. Early detection and treatment is essential for normal childhood development.



Fleshy growths on the eye which can grow over the cornea and can affect vision. Surgical removal is available.

Corneal Diseases

Corneal diseases:

Genetic predisposition or eye rubbing can result in corneal thinning which leads to change in corneal shape and vision. Dystrophies and scarring due to contact lens wear or trauma can lead to vision changes. From specialised contact lenses to corneal transplant options are available.



Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes affects blood vasculature in the body and specifically affecting the retina. Anti-VEGF injection and argon laser therapy is available.



Seasonal or acute allergic reactions at all age groups should be addressed by an eye care professional. Eye Rubbing is hazardous and can lead to permanent loss of vision.

Infective & inflammatory eye disease

Infective & inflammatory eye disease:

An unexplained or persistent red eye should be seen as soon as possible. Certain eye infections can lead to blindness. Chronic inflammatory diseases such as Lupus or Arthritis can lead to related eye conditions. 

Eye Injury
Dry Eye

 Eye Injuries

Eye injuries:

We offer 24 hour service for any eye emergencies. Eye Protection is of ultimate essence when you are doing a dangerous task.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye:

This is more common in the older generation and we have a range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for all dry eye related problems. Some of which are unique within Namibia.