Eyelid Tumors

Eye lid anatomy

Various types of abnormal growths can occur on the eyelids. Most of them are benign (not harmful), such as chalazia, papillomas and naevi, but there are also cancers such as basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, sebaceous cell carcinomas etc. that can occur.

The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the harmless ones from cancers and even professionals can be deceived time and again. The only way to really know, if doubt exists, is to do a biopsy (incision or excision biopsy) and get histological proof.

If detected early, tissue can be spared in the eyelid for example (reducing the need for major reconstruction) and potentially serious conditions (such as squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and sebaceous gland carcinoma) can be treated before they metastasize.

Warning signs:

· Rapid growth in an eyelid lesion (even in a young person).

· Changes in a naevus such as uneven growth, changes in colour, bleeding.

· A slow growing painless eyelid growth/ulcer with uneven, pearly edges that does not heal.

· Chronic chalazia that don’t heal and don’t disappear.

If any doubt exists about lumps and abnormal growths around the eyes, even if they are very small, your Ophthalmologist can assess them and decide whether they are harmless or not.

He/she can also do a biopsy or remove them, depending what is necessary.

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