Femtosecond laser assisted surgery in Namibia

Femtosecond laser in Namibia
Femto LDV Z8

The flagship femtosecond laser from Ziemer, a Swiss company, was created for cataract and corneal laser surgery. It delivers excellent outcomes with very low amounts of energy, using very short high-frequency pulses, imparting minimal mechanical stress to the surrounding tissue. In refractive surgery and Femto-laser assisted cataract surgery, it ensures safety and precision (FLACS).

This technology is unique to our practice.

Its use improves surgical safety and often a speedier recovery time due to precise application of many steps in cataract surgery and the unique low energy technology for a gentle patient experience.

The laser is commonly employed during the following scenarios:

· Cataract surgery: Z - Cataract

· Laser Eye REFARCTIVE surgery

· Therapeutic surgery such has Keratoplasties

· Aiding precise placement of intracorneal rings used for treating keratoconus.

The Ziemer company created a unique OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology that is specifically built for use with the FEMTO LDV Z8 which we have here at the Olympia Eye & Laser Centre.

The latest OCT equipment provides the doctor with an accurate representation of the various layers of the eye, as well as the optimization of the planned surgery.

When using FEMTO LDV Z8, the OCT system has the following advantages:

1. Surgery planning is simple.

2. Execution that is both safe and efficient

3. The OCT technology provides a high-definition image of the cornea and lens.

4. It automatically maps the architecture of the eyes.

Based on the OCT scans, your doctor may change the procedure's progress.

For more information click here: How Z-Cataract works.


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