General Appointment Information:

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  • Practice Hours are from 07:45 -16:45 Mondays - Fridays.

  • Please give at least two weeks notice for an appointment. You should be contacted within 2 working days of placing the request. If you are not contacted please make a telephonic request for appointment.

  • Always bring your prescription glasses or contact lenses along.

  • If possible bring your contact lenses or details of your contact lenses along.

  • If you are interested in REFRACTIVE SURGERY  [procedure to reduce or eliminate your spectacle wear], please obtain previous prescription details from your eye care physician or optometrist [as far back as possible]. You will need to discontinue wearing contact lenses for a period of 2 weeks prior to the examination. Preferably do not place eye make-up on the day of the examination. Please be prepared to spend a few hours at the centre as various tests are usually performed.

  • Please bring your ID and medical aid card.

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