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Ophthalmologists / Eye Specialists

An ophthalmologist is a specialist in the area of medicine that deals with the investigation
and therapy of eye conditions.

At the Olympia Eye & Laser Centre, our ophthalmologists execute all diagnostic and surgical
procedures with a wide range of therapeutic choices, each with their own distinct areas of

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You will receive support from our experienced and skilled optometrists at the Olympia Eye &
Laser Centre, who have years of experience assisting patients throughout their visit to our
clinic or in the operating room.

Patients of all age groups will have their eyes refracted by an optometrist, who can also
assess binocular vision, help with contact lens fittings, and offer guidance on all surgical

Optom Khalo Nov 22.jpg

Khalo Moloi

Optom Birgit Nov 22.jpg

Birgit Cutts

Optom Shaarla Nov 22.jpg

Shaarla Persadh

Optom Sonja Nov 22.jpg

Sonja Boost

Optom Simone Nov 22.jpg

Simone Klose

Optom Chantal Nov 22.jpg

Chantal Van Niekerk

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Regular and timely eye checks will safeguard your and your family’s sense of sight.

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