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+264 61 372 600

17 David Carstens Street

Olympia, Windhoek

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Mon - Fri: 07:45 am to 16:45 pm



+264 81 243 1435 | +264 85 555 6444

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Request an Appointment

If you would like to request an appointment to visit our practice for a consultation, complete the form below.

Select date and time that suits you.

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly.

General Appointment Information

  • Practice Hours are from 07:45 -16:45 Mondays - Fridays.

  • You should be contacted within 2 working days of placing the request. If you are not contacted please make a telephonic request for an appointment.

  • All current eyewear including your eyeglasses, contact lenses and your latest eyewear prescription.

  • If you are interested in REFRACTIVE SURGERY [procedure to reduce or eliminate your spectacle wear], please obtain previous prescription details from your eye care physician or optometrist [as far back as possible]. You will need to discontinue wearing contact lenses for a period of 2 weeks prior to the examination. Preferably do not place eye make-up on the day of the examination. Please be prepared to spend a few hours at the centre as various tests are usually performed.

  • A complete list of current medications, including your dosage and how often you take each medication.

  • Your exam may require that your eyes be dilated. For your comfort and safety, we recommend you bring someone with you to drive you home after your visit.

  • Please bring your ID and medical aid card.



Email and web page inquiries are usually reviewed each business day. Urgent or private medical information should not be sent by email or via our web page. If you have a medical emergency, please call us or your local emergency medical unit by telephone.

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